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These are thumbnails of several photos. Click on any image to see an enlarged photo.

They are in no particular order, and contain a brief description. Most of these photos are from a softbound book entitled Memories of Bapu, Third Edition. It was published by The Hindustan Times, New Delhi, India, in March 1949.

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Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, and Gandhiji.
With Lord and Lady Mountbatten (the last Viceroy of India) at Government house, New Delhi, in March 1947.
With Lord Listowel, Under-Secretary of State for India.
What a beautiful smile!
Gandhiji at Birla-House (Delhi). Left: his grandniece Abha, right: his granddaughter Manu.
This photo is quite famous, we are told.
It is entitled "The Leader Leads."
Gandhiji and his wife. (1938)
At the Sevagram Ashram.
At Wardha. (1939)
Gandhiji studies a document while going with Pandit Nehru and Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan to a meeting of the Congress Working COmmittee at Wardha in Sep., 1939. The meeting discussed Britain's declaration of war on behalf of India without consulting her.
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