Some of these sounds are unusual and hard to find; they are being offered for your listening pleasure!

* Radio Spots
These sound files are radio advertisments from selected Bond movies.
      You Only Live Twice
      Live and Let Die
      The Spy Who Loved Me

Thanks to John Olsen for the Goldfinger & TSWLM spots!
* 007
Known as the "other" Bond theme, it was first used in From Russia With Love, and then in later films. This particular piece is a favorite of ours.
* Newley's Goldfinger
Sung by Anthony Newley, the co-composer of the song. Newley recorded it twice, first as a jazz version (which is this one) and an orchestral piece. The version used in the film was song by Shirley Bassey.
* Bassey's Mr. Kiss-Kiss Bang Bang (Kiss Bang II)
Sung by Shirley Bassey, who also sang the themes for Goldfinger and Moonraker. The film Thunderball was to have been named Mr. Kiss-Kiss, Bang Bang, the Bond character's nickname given to him by his Japanese fans. John Barry wrote this song, and it was recorded by two singers, Dionne Warwick and Shirley Bassey.