Tomorrow Never Dies Reviews
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 20:38:59 EST
From: Gmassti636 <>
Subject: TND review
Just come from TND screening in London - utterly fantastic, I have to say. Just like David Arnold's superb score,it hits all the right points; Royal Navy attack straight out of 'Spy Who Loved Me', Brosnan relaxed and excellent and great set piece after great set piece. The Hamburg car park chase is stunning. A coherent -if a bit silly plot - that powers along until the last reel when it all becomes rather familiar. Shame, but when the rest is so good, who's complaining? Jonathan Pryce is good, if a wee bit unimposing as Carver and Hatcher and Yeoh are impressive, if underused. Funnily enough it's the 'regular' crew who come off best with Judi Dench and Samantha Bond making it seem like they've been in their roles for ages. Stamper the henchman is just a pretty heavy though, with great pecs but no character (even the thing about him not having any nerve endings seems to have gone). All in all though, it's terrific stuff, a top-notch Bond with some of the really grisly violence that we haven't seen since the great Tim Dalton. One minor (anorak) gripe. There's a scene where Bond is confronted with a Chinese keyboard and is unable to use it. Yet he got a First in oriental languages at Cambridge, did he not?

Great site! Enjoy the film.

Mark Gatiss