Tomorrow Never Dies Reviews
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 20:46:09 -0500
From: Rip <>
Subject: TND review
Cool site you've got there, and I have to concur with most of your criticism. I must disagree on the plane stunt at the beginning of Goldeneye – that was incredibly stupid. A human body's terminal velocity is 120 mph horizontal, 200 mph vertical, with a MUCH greater drag coefficient than a PLANE.

But that's the least of the series' problems. The problem is: the producers DO NOT UNDERSTAND JAMES BOND. Not in concept, and certainly not in execution. I could write all night about it, and it wouldn't be any new information to you, so I won't waste your time. One (notice I said "one") of their biggest problems is at the heart of any film – casting. Pierce Brosnan is a TV star, and comes across as a man a little too satisfied with his own looks and charm – not as a cold-blooded killer. Why can't anyone ever take a page from Lucas' book and realize that if you have a role that is essentially a comicbook character, then cast an unknown who brings none of the viewers' prejudices about the actor's history to their perception of the character (the Michael Keaton Batman Effect)? Sean Connery was introduced to the world AS James Bond for the vast majority of the audience. Timothy Dalton could have been great in the role had the material been Bond material (License to Kill sucked, LD was a little better) for that same reason – no one knew he was. Brosnan? He's that annoyingly smug prettyboy on Family Channel late night Remington Steele reruns. This is just so depressing to consider. The series is a pale imitation, all style and no substance, of its glory days. A completely new production team will be necessary to bring it back.

Anyway, wanted to let you know as dyed in the wool Bond fan, I appreciate that your page has the yarbles to criticize where it should. My band is an instro spy/shtick – we describe it to the uninitiated as "James Bond meets The Ventures." Check out the site at