Tomorrow Never Dies Reviews
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 1997 21:05:11 -0600
From: Jared Foster <>
Subject: TND review
After seeing Tomorrow Never Dies, 3 things occurred to me that I think started to occur to me after the release of Goldeneye.

1. Pierce Brosnan is here to stay!: After watching Goldeneye, I knew that Pierce was a great James Bond, but after seeing Tomorrow Never Dies, I now know that he is James Bond! Roger Moore once said that after people see Pierce, we will forget about Sean and him. Well, I think that is beginning to become true.

2. James Bond has finally adapted for the 90's.: Goldeneye was an attempt to make James Bond a 90's kind o' guy, and a lot of people believe it didn't do well at that. But in Tomorrow Never Dies, James Bond adapted to the 90's. The villain is a different type of villain, a media baron. The women don't just sit back and watch James do all the work, they a lot of the times save James.

3. M.: In Goldeneye, M was one of the few bright spots. She was not in the movie very long, but her presence was felt. In Tomorrow Never Dies, she has a few one-liners that I thought were funnier than Bond's himself. For instance, when talking to Admiral Roebuck, he questions about her having that balls to handle the job, and she says that it may be so, but at least she doesn't have to think with them. M is indeed here to stay also.