Tomorrow Never Dies Reviews
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 22:01:33 +0100 (CET)
From: Frank Pfeiffer <>
Subject: review
Since 1989 I have been waiting for another Bond movie that is GOOD. I'm still waiting. TND is big entertainment, period. But also TND as a Bond movie is one disappointment. Other reviews seem to miss several facts;
Carver is not the best villain ever. Carver is the Blofeld character with a different name. He is even wearing the same sort of wardrobe. The sceem to cause world war III is Blofeld's idea. Nothing new there.

the chinese girl is not the first girl that is a mtch to Bond. We have ssen that kind of girl since 1977 (!!!).

The car park chase is neither original nor well done. Hasn't anyone seen Knight Rider on TV ? That was the same indestructable car that we have here. Only Brosnan doesn't talk to the BMW.

Is there anything new in TND ? No there is not.

Dalton will never be reached as Bond. Licence to kill will never be reached as a Bond movie. But there will be another good and original Bond movie some day. The producers seem to be waiting for that and reselling what they know will be bought. But we won't buy the old material forever.

K.D. Lang's song IS good, as is all the music in this one. What nobody seems to have noticed; Don Black has written the lyrics, THAT is why it that touch of the old tunes.

I say: better TND than no Bond at all, but I'm waiting for another John Glen style Bond movie. Glen KNEW how to handle Bond movies.

Our response:
Well put, Frank. You've hit upon many concerns we have about the film. There are even more problems than you have mentioned. Look for them in our analysis, coming 15 May.