What software do you need?
QuickTime 4.0 or higher installed on your machine
The QuickTime 4.0 Plug-In for web browsers is optional (allows you to view movies within your web browser)
Get it all at the QuickTime website.

Download QT4
All of the videos at the Shrine are in QuickTime format. No other format is available.

You will need to have QuickTime installed on your system before you can view these films. You can download the software for free from Apple Computer's QuickTime website.

Some web browsers have the QuickTime Plug-In installed. If you have this plug-in (also available at the QuickTime site), you can view the movies within your browser without having to download it to your desktop.

To download a video to your computer, click and hold on the link (Mac users), or right click on a link (all other users), and choose "Save link as...". Then, open them in your favorite QuickTime program to view it.

For best results, you should have at least a 16-bit color system (thousands of colors). The results with an 8-bit (256 colors) system are disappointing.

If you are still having problems viewing the videos, visit Apple's QuickTime Support section.

Note to Unix users: Download the program Xanim to view QuickTime movies.

Many of these movies are over 10mb in size. Although it is easy to make smaller files, the loss in quality can be so great that you won't get a lot of enjoyment out of them. Downloading these videos is not meant for the faint of heart! Please realize that if your Internet connection is slow (<33.3 kbps), it may take several hours to download some of the larger movies.

Wherever possible, we have made smaller versions of the videos available. This is accomplished by dropping the frame rate from the QuickTime movies. Don't forget that this results in poor video quality, compared to the larger files.

Additionaly, Mac users have the option of downloading StuffIt files that are smaller than the Windows/Unix versions.

For those of you running at less than T1 speeds, we have a great option for you: if you wish to send us four Zip cartridges, with the return postage pre-paid, we will be willing to copy the movies to disk at no charge. Email us if you are interested in this option.