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Last updated 30 OCT 98.

The purpose of the Shrine is to provide a feast for the eyes and ears of Bond fans. It is not meant to be an all-encompassing archive of information about the universe of the fictional character James Bond. We leave that to others on the Web. The best type of Shrine visitor is one who is familiar with Bond and his world. If you don't know much about him, visit the Links & Resources page for more information.

Many of the materials present on this site are from our personal collection. However, this is an "interactive" site. Visitors to the Shrine are encouraged to submit their own materials, whether they be images, sounds or videos. As you browse through the Shrine, you will find that many Bond fans have already submitted items.

The Shrine attempts to offer the highest quality Bond-related images, videos and sounds available on the Web. We also try to offer our own perspective on certain elements of the Bond world through reviews. There are many Bond sites out there, but, unfortunately, almost all of them are poorly designed both structurally and graphically. The Shrine always strives to strike a balance between good graphic design, implementation and content. On the Web, "Content is King, and Design is Queen." And you can quote us on that.

All HTML files are located on the server The actual images, sounds and video clips are located on a Macintosh-based web server at another location. The only way to access these files are through the links at this site. There is no other type of access available, including anonymous ftp.

The Shrine is seeking faster mirror sites; if you know of any, please contact

We are optimized for use with Netscape Navigator v2.0 or better, 8-bit color (256 colors, VGA) or better. Navigator 3.0 (or an equivalent browser), a T1 connection and 24-bit color is recommended.

Built with BBEdit The Shrine is developed primarily on Macintosh computers. All graphical elements are created in Adobe Photoshop. All graphics are processed in Equilibrium's DeBabelizer to reduce file size and optimize palettes.

Bare Bone's BBEdit is used for all HTML encoding. The site is previewed using Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer on all possible platforms, when possible. However, we suggest using Navigator for best results.

Video clips are recorded using either Data Translations' Media 100 nonlinear video system or through on-board video capture boards on several Macintosh models. Post processing is done in Adobe After Effects. Sound clips are recorded using Macromedia's SoundEdit and various shareware sound programs.

If you would like more detailed production information, please contact us at

No animals, Luddites, Windows users or nerds are hurt during the production of this site.

The copyrights of the materials contained in the Shrine are held by various entities (United Artists Corp./Eon Productions/Danjaq Inc., others) and, where possible, have been so noted. This web site is not meant to encroach on these copyrights but instead is meant to promote the continuation of the Bond universe. All Visitors are encouraged to promote the Bond franchise by purchasing the books, movies, toys, underwear, lighters and other knick-knacks associated with it [pun intended!].

Unless otherwise stated, all graphics and images are the work of the creators and are ©1995-98 If you would like to use elements of the Shrine (including videos, images, or sounds) for Web or other development projects, please contact A lot of effort goes into making this site, so please don't take images without asking. It's very impolite.

This site first appeared on the Web on June 15, 1995, only the third Bond website available at the time.

"Nor rain of bullets, nor sleet of nerve gas, nor hail of fire, nor
death of night, shall halt the males from SIS; I must get through."
– James Bond in John Gardner's COLD FALL

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