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18 Nov 99
As the Shrine staff heads off for a private tour of Asia, this site will not be updated until January. Look for additional video clips about TWINE and our review of the film. We suggest joining our mailing list so that you can find out the lastest changes as they happen!

14 Nov 99
Purchase the new TWINE merchandise at Spy Guise – including Bollinger, US and UK posters!

2 Nov 99
Check out the new items at Spy Guise – including new TWINE merchandise!
Be sure to visit the South Jersey Movie and TV Collectibles Show Sunday, November 7th!

30 Oct 99
A smaller version of the TWINE Garbage Video is now available on our new TWINE page!

20 OCT 99
TWINE Garbage Video now available on our new TWINE page!
File server back online!

20 OCT 99
As the countdown begins to the twenty-first century it's good to know there is still one number you can always count on — 007

Download the TWINE trailer now!

29 Jul 99
Our download server is up for now. Access may be intermittent for the time being, as we prep a new, faster server for launch at the end of the summer. Mac users: you will need to option-click on .sea files to download.

We've been informed that Desmond Llewelyn's biography is to be published this fall. You can place your advance order at Spy Guise.

15 Jun 99
There are some problems with our main download server. Access to our videos and sounds will be intermittent as we look into the situation...

10 Jun 99
Some men want to rule the world...
Some women ask for the world...
Some believe the world is theirs for the taking...
But for one man, The World Is Not Enough.

03 APR 99
Check out the new products added this week at Spy Guise!

17 MARCH 99
Good news! Our file server is back up; that means all of the video and sound files are available once again. Happy downloading! ;)

26 OCT 98
Advance orders for The Essential Bond are now being taken at Spy Guise. And if you live in London, you can meet the authors in person!

04 MAY 98
Links & Resources updated.
– Link in TND section updated.
Videos section revamped.

01 MAY 98
– Eric Newman has submitted a new Warhead 2000 Ad image.
– New reviews of TND have been added.

17 MAR 98
More than 15 new items have been added to Spy Guise, including the new series of James Bond Limited Edition Commemorative Lithos!