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Major Kevin T. Loy, a member of the U.S. Air Force, is stationed at the Royal Air Force base at Mildenhall. He had the opportunity to work on a scene in the forthcoming Tomorrow Never Dies on 8 May 1997, and he kindly shares his experiences with other Bond fans.

Once the film launches in the US, we will provide a feedback forum for Shrine visitors to share their views. In the meantime, if you would like to comment, send your message to

THE FULL TRAILER! (approx. 10.8mb)
    If you can't get it from the official site, get it from ours!
Access Hollywood (approx. 15.4mb)
    From the May 21 broadcast of Access Hollywood: behind the scenes in Thailand
Teri Hatcher's Name (approx. 7.5mb)
    From the May 17 Tonight Show segment
Teri Hatcher's Name (small version, approx. 4.8mb)
    Same as above, but smaller
Brosnan's Lip (8.5mb)
    Entertainment Tonight's July 25 report from the set on Brosnan's injury.
TND TV ad (8.5mb, 40sec) NEW!
     The television commerical currently running in the US.

"James Bond Theme (Moby's Re-version)"
From his forthcoming music compilation "I Like To Score", this is Moby's interpretation of the James Bond Theme. We here at the Shrine have only one word for it: awesome! It's a combination of genres's from the 60's, 70's, 80's and the 90's— perfect for Bond. Buy the album when it comes out!

We hope the rumor that this version will appear in TND is true... we're also told the remixed versions of the song will be available as well ­ definitely something on our holiday gift list!

You have three types of files to download in three versions— nine files in all:

11kHz, 8bit mono
22kHz, 8bit mono
22kHz, 8bit stereo
Sun .au Sun .au Sun .au
Windows .wav Windows .wav Windows .wav
Mac .aiff Mac .aiff Mac .aiff

Sheryl Crow's "Tomorrow Never Dies"

The title song from TND, sung by Sheryl Crow, is now available at the official German site. This is only a 30 second clip.

After listening to the clip, we have to say that the song isn't what we expected. We were hoping for a fast, energetic piece but instead the track appears to be a straight-faced, laid back piece á la Sheena Easton's "For Your Eyes Only."

While we like Crow as a singer (that is, until she changed her image with her latest album), we don't think she was an appropriate choice for the theme; we wonder if the individual responsible for Crow's selection is the same person who decided to cast Teri Hatcher.

Of course, this is a pretty strong judegment from an admittedly short, low quality sound bite -- but we don't think we're stretching! ;)

So, go and listen to the clip and decide for yourself. We won't know until the song's release how good (or bad) it really is.

One more thing: US visitors shouldn't feel bad if they mistake the beginning of the clip for the old "Perry Mason" theme song! ;)

After listening to the song repeatedly, we've found that that the laid-back style is slowly growning on us. The music video for the song is well done. Download a QuickTime of the music video:

5fps, 4:27 10fps, 4:27
[Danke schön to Frank Tebruegge for the link!]

Visa International Campaign
Bond has given up his AMEX!

Visa International has launched a new advertising campaign that ties Visa's check card to Bond in a new commercial that is airing now. The campaign also includes print advertising, promotional gimmicks tied to Visa card usage and a sweepstakes where the top prize is a trip for two to the Los Angeles prémieré of TND.

The commercial first aired as a 60-second spot during the November 10 broadcast of Monday Night Football in the US. It's a humorous take of Pierce Brosnan as Bond attempting to purchase items from MI6's "Snack Bar" with a check, then being "ridiculed" by Q.

However, we have one question: why would Bond want to use a card issued by "Any Bank USA"? Doesn't he have any patriotism? ;)

Download a QuickTime of the commercial:

5fps, 1:10 10fps, 1:10


Ericsson has developed a slick television commerical as a tie-in to TND, and to promote their Bond sweepstakes. Brosnan does not appear diectly in the ad, like he did in the Visa commercial, but through scenes from the film. The theme of the commercial is that Ericsson develops hi-tech equipment that their operatives – namely Bond – test.

The beginning of the commerical features a sound clip that sounds very GoldenEye-ish. You can also here Moby's Re-version at the end.

Their advertising campaign goes by the tag line "Ericsson Made/Bond Approved". Visit Ericsson's Bond website for more information on the sweekstakes.

Download a QuickTime of the commercial:

5fps, 0:40 10fps, 0:40

Videos at BMW

At BMW's website you can find several QuickTime movies that show behind-the-scenes footage from the filming that occured in Hamburg. Of course, the scenes shown are those involving BMW's 750iAL!

Posters, a cap, a t-shirt, a calendar and magazines are now available for purchase at Spy Guise!

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