Tomorrow Never Dies @ the Shrine "Father" Loy's report from the set of
Tomorrow Never Dies

Last updated 8 DEC 97.

Major Kevin T. Loy, a member of the U.S. Air Force, is stationed at the Royal Air Force base at Mildenhall. He had the opportunity to work on a scene in the forthcoming Tomorrow Never Dies on 8 May 1997, and he kindly shares his experiences with other Bond fans...

     – My Day with James Bond
         Father Loy recount's his experiences

     – Bond is brutal...
         Father Loy's review of the film

     – Photos
         Father Loy was able to see the family twice: once at the cast prémieré, and once again with his entire family. Here are photos from the experience.

     – Scenes from the Script
         From the scene that was shot at RAF Lakenheath:
                 · Original
                 · Revised

     – Storyboard

     – The Logistics Sheet for the day of the shoot

     – A Letter of Thanks Major Loy received from EON